Debt Net Worth

September Net Worth 2016 (+6.7%)

Highlights or Lowlights of July

Paid off rest of Personal Loan (-100%) – Knocking out this thing out felt good since this loan was one of my worst decisions. I shouldn’t have done this but I guess it did work out in the end.

Knocked off $1k (-40%) – This is my next loan that I am going to knock out. I should be finished with this one end of next month!



My goals still are:

100k net worth end of 2016 – $3,663 more to go

Pay off all consumer debt by September 2016 October 2016 – $9,436 left $6,436 left

Max out my Roth IRA for 2016- $5500 more to go

Earn $200 extra income every month – Current: +$200/month (Complete!)

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