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October Net Worth 2016 (-7.82%)

October was great! Not in paying off debt wise, but just learning to budget on vacation.

November – New month!!! Yes! This is the time of the year when budgeting becomes crucial. There are a lot of events so I have to plan for everything or else I might go above my spending limit. Christmas is just around the corner so I really need be discipline and not go overboard.

I also signed up for this month! It is a neat saving plan where I can see a graph of my financial goals. In the next 2 years I want to travel to Europe, Japan and to a bunch of places in the US.

Let’s see how my October went this year.. This always seems like the month where I spend the most amount of money. I usually go to music festivals around this time, there are a lot of events that are happening and the weather is always nice so I don’t like to stay at home and play video games all day.

I took a trip to Nashville! You can read a more detailed cost breakdown later. In summary, Nashville was great, but I think I stayed there a day too long. I feel like this is a great weekend trip tho. Lots of comfort, and AMAZING breakfast food.

Took a trip to LA! Again, I will write a more detailed breakdown of my budget later this week. Great Korean food, Korean KBBQ. Had a blast at the Staples center watching the league of legends final. Words don’t really do justice so just check out my photos!

Finally here is the breakdown of October! 😃


Savings (+104.00) – Finally have $1k in savings. This money I won’t touch unless somethings goes bad.

ROTH IRA (-$39.00) – Nothing changed much really here. I do individual stocks so this is kind of surprising.

Brokerage (+$9.00) – Same thing here. Not much to see.

401k (+$235.00) – 401k matching is great. I recently switched from standard 401k plan to the ROTH 401k plan so my ROTH 401k which is tax sheltered. However, whatever the employee match is still pre-tax money. So, if I put in $300 post tax and employer matches $200, the $300 is tax-free, but the $200 is still in a pre-tax account.

House (-$9,233.00) – I used some bad resources before for the estimation of my house. From now on I am just going to use Redfin’s home estimate since I feel like that is the most accurate.

Car (-$1,290.00) – As usual car value goes down. I wonder when it won’t go down so much.


Student Loan 1 (-$1,000.00) – This is my next big pay off goal. I started out at $6,500 2 years ago. I can finally start killing this one out FAST!

Student Loan 1 (-$178.00) – This will be my next one to kill after student loan 1.

Car Loan (-$767.00) – My last consumer debt. Just going to be paying the payments until I pay off my student loans.

Mortgage (-$782.00) – My biggest loan. I hope to knock this out in 4 – 6 years. My life will be so much more free if I have extra $1.3k to do anything with it.


Alright, alright, alright. That’s it for this month!

My goal of reaching 100k might still be possible, but might be a bit hard since I mis-calculated my home in the previous net worth posts. Ugh…

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