Net Worth

Every month I do a net worth calculation based on all my assets and all my debt.

All you need to figure out your net worth is to add all your assets (your car, house, investments, anything that has value) and subtract that total from your liabilities (mortgage, student loans, credit card debt, etc..)

2017 Net Worth

January 2017: $162,765 (+14.65%)
February 2017: $175,196 (+7.64%)

2016 Net Worth

January 2016: $70,069 (+22.6%)
February 2016: $73,796 (+5.3%)
March 2016: $74,000 (+0.3%)
April 2016: $79,470 (+10.9%)
May 2016: $80,873 (+1.4%)
June 2016: $84,654 (+4.5%)
July 2016: $89,895 (+5.8%)
August 2016: ???? (+??%) – no idea where this one went. Must have forgotten to do it this month.
September 2016: $96,377 (+6.7%)
November 2016: $131,760.44 (+49.37%)
December 2016: $141,961 (+12.74%)


2015 Net Worth

August 2015 (First Net Worth): $48,540.11 (+0, +0%)
September 2015: $54,244.47 (+$5,704.36, +11.8%)
October – December: I skipped out.. I was just lazy here honestly



This is my first net worth.
I do this every month because it helps me:

– Track my current and future savings.
– Help keep my goals on track (To be a millionaire! $$Cash Money$$)
– Keeps me motivated so I can save and travel more.

If you haven’t already I strongly recommend using free services in addition to using a simple spread sheet. I also use other free apps that I use for budgeting, saving, and investing.


August was my first post so this should grow over the years. This list isn’t about me bragging how much $$ I have (or don’t have), but to keep myself motivated and be honest with my finances. You guys don’t have to share what your net worth is to the entire world, but I recommend having some kind of spreadsheet or some visual representation to see where your money’s at and where your money is going.