Debt Net Worth

March Net Worth 2017: $161,777 (-$13,418)

Yoooooooo! Welcome to my monthly net worth post!!

This is getting kind of repetitive, so I am going to try to add something to spice things up. Maybe I can do like a stock of the month, or I should show a more detailed version of my portfolio or something to make things a bit more interesting!

Before we start, let’s see the goals of 2017~

Goals of 2017!

  1. Pay off rest of by consumer debt by July. (7.1k left)
  2. Save 4 – 6 Months of expenses ~$10,000 (Currently have $500)
  3. Net Worth $200k. (38k left to go)
  4. Increase my income by $100 per month.
  5. Update my Closet – Spend at least $75/mo on clothing. (On track)


Anyway, here is how my March went down.


SAVINGS ( +$0) – Nothing gained nothing added. I really want this to be $10k by the end of the year, but right now I am soooo lazer focused on paying off all my consumer debt I am not even worried about this. Yea, it is a bit risky to only have $500, however I am paying off debt like crazy.

ROTH IRA (+$382) – Again, I am paying off debt asap so I didn’t even add anything here this month. It just naturally grew. I don’t think I will be able to max out my contributions for this year 🙁

BROKERAGE (-$131.00) – I basically have 1 stock in this account and this company has been getting killed and missing all sorts of goals. I still believe in this company and their leadership for long term gains. There is also a chance that I maybe wrong.

401K (+$224) – Same old, same old. Just the company match and basically all the funds are in the US growth funds.

CAR (+$228) – Sooooooo weird! I can never understand how car values work. However, I do know that in 4 years the value of a car drops between $10K – $15K. I don’t think I will ever buy a new car ever again..

COMPANY STOCKS (-$15,450) – Woooooowheeeee this is what you will see if you are investing in individual stocks. Very very very volatile, however the opposite can happen. If you don’t know how stocks work, just stick with mutual funds or low cost index funds.

HOUSE (+$519) – Not much happening here. It looks like quite a bit of gain compared to my other assets, but percentage wise it is only a quarter of a percent gain.


CAR LOAN (-$715) – I think I will be able to pay off this by JULY!!!! Then I can max out my ROTH IRA and start to really invest.

MORTGAGE (+$0) – I feel like I am paying more on the interest and taxes than me actually paying the principle in the beginning years of this mortgage. I should really think about paying this house off before I turn 30 so I don’t feel so stuck.

Here are few of the things I am saving for. I am saving 6 months of emergency cash. I am looking to upgrade some of my furniture as well as save for a road trip vacation.

Well here is to March and hopefully April will be much better haha. If you want to checkout my other net worth posts you can go here!


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    That Charles Life
    April 18, 2017 at 1:41 AM

    Looks like your doing well Mike! I also bought a fairly new car in 2015 and have been kicking myself ever since. As a former car salesman, don’t ever buy new again.

    Also, stay strong through that volatility of your stock!


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      April 19, 2017 at 10:23 PM

      Yea man, stupid young mistake by me. At least I caught it early haha!

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