June Net Worth 2017: $235,110.90 (+$20,238, +9.42%)

Woohooooo I am out of consumer debt!!

Debt, has been real. It was a struggle to get out of debt so I am going to celebrate it by splurging a bit on clothing or something. I do still have a mortgage and company stock options. However, I don’t really have to pay for the stock options unless I really want to so it doesn’t REALLY count as debt but nonetheless I want to purchase those outright to avoid paying taxes.

Goals of 2017!

  1. Pay off rest of by consumer debt by July. (Done! Finished 1 month early!)
  2. Save 4 – 6 Months of expenses ~$10,000 $12,500 (Currently have $2200)
  3. Net Worth $200k. New goal $230k $250k. (Currently $235k)
  4. Increase my income by $100 per month. (Done!)
  5. Update my Closet – Spend at least $75/month on clothing. (On track)

Here is how my May went down.


SAVINGS  (+$1,700) – Didn’t add any. Just focused on paying off my debt.

ROTH IRA (-$258) – I didn’t put any additional money toward this account. A few of my stocks popped this month.

401K (+$464) – Another month, another employer match. Nothing too crazy here.

CAR (-$145) – Finally my car depreciated. It must be that around 3 – 4 years my car is where a lot of people want to buy it.

COMPANY STOCKS (+$17,244) – Wow. Opposite of last month’s decrease. Stock rallied up and I think it is near company’s 52 week high.

HOUSE (-$492) – I thought the price was a bit off since it went up so much last month. My house is still appreciating, however not as fast as I thought.


CAR LOAN (-$1,120) – Done. Done. Done. Done

Company Stocks (+$0) – I have a price where I can purchase my shares. Since it takes a while to my options to expire, I am just going to put aside ~$10k per year to purchase all my shares.

MORTGAGE (-$290) – Again, mortgage is decreasing very slowly since I am not paying extra on my principle payment. However, I will be refinancing my home very soon to a 11 year loan so I can pay this thing off faster. No house payments = freedom.


+ $1,700 in my emergency fund.


These returns are based on start date 10/02/2015.
My Returns = 73.17%
S&P 500 Returns = 25.06%
vs S&P 500 = 48.11%

Again, you should not sell or buy any stocks based on my holdings. You should do your own research and buy/sell stocks based on your situation.

Closed positions are marked gray and the current column will not change. If I re-enter the position, the cost basis will be the based on the new position only and I will update the cost basis to reflect any additional purchases.


S&P = Standard and Poor’s. Comparison benchmark.
Cost Basis = What I paid for the stock minus dividends per share.
$ Gains = Total gains since stock purchase.

New Stocks Added
TECHY is a Chinese internet company that owns a lot different entertainment properties. They own League of Legends, Supercell, WeChat a long with a bunch growing businesses.


My goal is to beat the s&p 500 returns every year. So far, so good.

Well, that is it for June! If you want to checkout my other net worth posts you can go here!

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