July Net Worth 2017: $226,781.66 (-$3,910.24, -1.70%)

2 months of summer down. 1 more to go. It seemed like summer just blew past us in no time. However, I am not complaining because I miss football ūüôĀ

This month hasn’t been too bad.. I am actually going through a refinance of my home. One thing that came to my mind is that sometimes people like to cut their flowers and water their weeds. Sometimes you have to take a loss and look for new growing investments.

Goals of 2017!

  1. Pay off rest of by consumer debt by July. (Done! Finished 1 month early!)
  2. Save 4 – 6 Months of expenses ~$10,000 $12,500 (Currently have $2200)
  3. Net Worth $200k. New goal $230k $250k. (Currently $226k)
  4. Increase my income by $100 per month. (Done!)
  5. Update my Closet – Spend at least $75/month on clothing. (On track)

Here is how my May went down.


SAVINGS ¬†(+$3,600)¬†– Again, I am refinancing my home and I have paid off all my consumer debt! Cash flow does wonders if you don’t have anything that is coming out before you can save any.

ROTH IRA (+$874.76) РNothing too exiting here. Just some gainz. Since I pick individual stocks, this can get volatile.

401K (+$767) РAnother month, another employer match. Steady steady steady.

CAR (+$250) РWeird appreciation of my car again! I guess next time I buy a car, I am going to buy a car that is 4 years old with less than 50k miles on it.

COMPANY STOCKS (-$8,321) РIt looks like this will go up and down, up and down. This is something you have to deal with when you deal with individual stocks.

HOUSE (-$1,275)¬†– Meh. My house went down this month. I am not too worried because I don’t think I will sell this house unless I get a crazy good offer for it.


Company Stocks (+$0)¬†–¬†Nothing changed here.

MORTGAGE¬†(-$290)¬†–¬†Slow decrease. I have a 30 year mortgage, but I will be refinancing my mortgage to a 11 year. I will be able to pay off my house faster!! Who wants a mortgage payment until you retire?



These returns are based on start date 10/02/2015.
My Returns = 132.15%
S&P 500 Returns = 27.07%
vs S&P 500 = 105.08%

Again, you should not sell or buy any stocks based on my holdings. You should do your own research and buy/sell stocks based on your situation.

The portfolio is a bit outdated since this is the price of stocks as of 08/07/2017. The most updated portfolio is not included in my net worth so it may be a bit off.


S&P = Standard and Poor’s.¬†Comparison benchmark.
Cost Basis = What I paid for the stock minus dividends per share.
$ Gains = Total gains since stock purchase.

New Stocks Added
– Synchrony Financial. This is a bank that gives out loans and takes deposits and pay interest on those deposits and makes interest on loans – Basically all banks haha. 94%+ of these loans are credit card balances and these guys make money when people don’t pay the balance on the credit cards. They have deals with Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, and much more.

AER – AerCap Holdings. This is a company that buys airplanes and leases them out to airlines. Very simple business model, however it is very capital intensive. You need A LOT of money to start a company like this.

Stocks Sold
– Starbucks. The reason I sold this stock is that I feel like I can get a better deal elsewhere.

My goal is to beat the s&p 500 returns every year. So far, so good.

Well, that is it for June! If you want to checkout my other net worth posts you can go here!

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