Debt Net Worth

February Net Worth 2017: $175,196 (+$12,431)

February was pretty great to say at least. I am going to try to stick with my 2017 goals so I have just copied and pasted goals of 2017 to make sure I am on track.

Goals of 2017!

  1. Pay off rest of by consumer debt by July. (7.8k left)
  2. Save 4 – 6 Months of expenses ~$10,000 (Currently have $500)
  3. Net Worth $200k. (30k left to go)
  4. Increase my income by $100 per month.
  5. Update my Closet – Spend at least $75/mo on clothing. (On track)

Assets Highlights / Lowlights

ROTH IRA (+$974.00) – I said in January net worth post that I was going to max out my ROTH, but I have decided to just focus on my consumer debt off asap. I am still young so I don’t have to worry too much about this.

401k (+$1037.00) – Company match + gainzzz.

Brokerage (-$428.00) – Stock took a MAJOR dip after the earnings call. This is one bad thing about hold individual stock is that it goes up and down more than holding mutual funds or ETF’s.

Car Value (-$131.00) – Finally where my value of my car is not depreciating as fast. Maybe from now on this will be the norm until it hits cliff at 5 years.

Liabilities Highlights / Lowlights

Student Loan 2 (-$2722.00) – Another debt done! This is what I saw after I paid everything off. This is the student loan company that made me change my password every single time I had to login.. Whatevs, I am done with them now.

Car Loan (-$435.00) – Again, car loan. This just became priority #1. I should be able knock this out before June. Also I have no clue why my car insurance is so damn high.. Must be because I don’t own the car outright and my age.


SO That is all for Feb!

Here is what I am currently saving up for.

I am kind of getting sick of living in college grade furniture so I will be updating some furniture after I finish knocking off rest of my debt and get my emergency fund where I wanted it to be. You gotta live sometime you know?

Until Next Time!

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