Favorite Apps

These apps/websites are not promoted in anyway or do I receive compensation from any of these products. I just think these services are really helpful and the best part about them is that most of these are FREE to use and some of these apps have a premium version, but the free ones do just fine.

If I do receive referrals, I will put a disclaimer notification.


Apps that I use

Acorns – Whenever you make a purchase on your card it automatically invest to the nearest dollar. For example if you bought a $1.85 breakfast taco, the app invests $0.15 in the stock market automatically.

Billguard – Free app to help prevent identity theft. It alerts you whenever someone purchases something using your credit card and whenever a retailer’s system gets hacked.

Personal Capital– Free Net Worth tracker. You can hook up all your credit cards, mortgages, savings, investments accounts to see your current Net Worth. The catch is that they will start calling you after you reach a certain Net Worth to sell you investments.

Every Dollar– Free online budgeting tool (Website, iOS app, Android app). A great way to budget and see your spending and your monthly cash flow. As obvious as this sounds, you shouldn’t spend more than you earn, but with credit cards and other temptations (Video games for me) this is harder than it sounds.

Hello Money – Free online website for you to show others where your investments are in and to see how much money you have allocated in each sector (technology, healthcare, etc.) and see if your investment strategy is going as planned. Also I think the user interface on this website is pretty neat with a lot of fun colors!

Spread Sheets – Just a plain old excel spread sheet. If you have a mac you can get Numbers for free (Numbers is free on the Mac App Store for qualifying Mac computers purchased on or after October 1, 2013) and if you have a PC you can download Open Office for free.


Services that I use

These are things like checking accounts, credit cards, Investment accounts, etc..

Roth IRA & Investing – Charles Schwab, Vanguard

Credit Cards – AmEX (Costco), Capital One, Bank of America

Checking – Chase

Savings – Capital One