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December Net Worth 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holy Crap this year has gone by pretty quickly! In my opinion this year went pretty great since I actually set out goals and met them for the first time in my life. One of my biggest…

Debt Net Worth

November Net Worth 2016

New month! New Budget. Wow December is here! I want to talk about the importance of planning during this time of the year. There are so many people that get so stressed during and after the holidays about their finances that…

Debt Net Worth

October Net Worth 2016 (-7.82%)

October was great! Not in paying off debt wise, but just learning to budget on vacation. November – New month!!! Yes! This is the time of the year when budgeting becomes crucial. There are a lot of events so…

Debt Net Worth

September Net Worth 2016 (+6.7%)

Highlights or Lowlights of July Paid off rest of Personal Loan (-100%) – Knocking out this thing out felt good since this loan was one of my worst decisions. I shouldn’t have done this but I guess it did work out in the end.…

Debt Net Worth

July Net Worth 2016 (+5.8%)

Highlights or Lowlights of July Paid off rest of kitchen loan (-100%) – finally paid this sucker off. This loan had 0% interest, but I am just paying smallest to largest regardless of interest rate. 1/2 of Personal Loan (-50%) – Knocking this out by…