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Home Ownership Income

Being a Live-In Landlord

I am currently a homeowner, but before I even thought about buying the house I wanted to become a live in landlord. Why? Mostly because I was young and didn’t really have other people living with me so it…


Making Money While Driving to Work

A easy way to make money is driving to work while Ubering. You are going to go to work anyway sitting in traffic so might as well make money during that process. I guess the only bad thing will…

Home Ownership Income Investing

$10,000 Kitchen Remodel

Last summer I remodeled my kitchen since it was disgusting and it was easy way to raise my rent to the 2 tenants. The walls looked like someone threw up in their mouth and spat it back out. Also there were…


February Extra Income

Every month I  have a few side gigs that bring home extra income$$. My main source of extra income is the rent money that comes in every month. I own a 3 bed / 2.5 bath house so instead of…

Debt Income

August Craigslist Spree

This month I received all the stuff that my insurance company replaced when I got robbed. I decided to sell most of the stuff since I realized I didn’t really NEED any of them. This way I can easily…