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Budgeting College Saving

How Much Will College Cost in 2030?

College is expensive and it is only going to pricier at the current rate that college prices are increasing. Maybe the next person in the white house will make public colleges free, but we can’t depend on that. The…

Budgeting Travel

Budget Friendly Places to Visit in 2016

Look here. I don’t think I ever took more than a 3 day long vacation (other than the paid company trips)… And this year is the year when I finally pay off rest of my $20,000+ consumer debt YAY~!…

Budgeting Debt

Why Start a Budget?

In 2013, when I first started budgeting my finances were a mess! I didn’t know how much I earned and how much I was spending and I think I had around 70k in debt. I just went with the…